Beitou Hot Spring (Taipei)

If you’re in Taipei and would like to experience a hot spring, do visit the Beitou Hot Spring!
Beitou Hot Spring is one of the most popular hot springs in northern Taiwan!

It’s quite easy to get there. Just ride the MRT on the red line to Beitou MRT station. From there, there is a one-station branch line which runs to Xinbeitou station. When you reached Xinbeitou station, it’s quite a distant walk to the hot springs. However, there are so much pretty sceneries to enjoy on the way there!

 If you’re up early in the morning to visit, there are some places where you can have your breakfast as soon as you alight at Xinbeitou station!
After you fill your tummies, time to go for some short hike up the hill!
We had to stop multiple times along to way just to absorb the beautiful nature.

And to do some photo-taking too! ^^

Apparently there are hotels, resorts and villas around the area too!
Oh yea. When we visited, it was the cold season in december. Hence the thick clothing we had. However, as we were reaching the hot springs, it started to get warmer!
Some facts: Beitou Hot Springs have a pH value of 2.5 – 6.5 with a temperature varies between 37 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius.
Yeah that’s quite hot! Luckily for me, in the hot spring we visited, there were 2 water taps which you can open - water from the hot spring and the normal temperature water. With this, I can adjust the temperature to something I am comfortable with.

There were many hot springs places run by different people in the area. So you can take your time and hunt one which suits you best! For me, we decided to go for one which have private rooms for each of us. Because we are quite conservative? Haha!

And the place even had coin-operated massaging chair and hairdryer!

Honestly, I’m not much of a hot spring person. But I really do enjoy the journey there!


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