Mina Kwon artworks

Today I'm featuring artworks by Mina Kwon!
Mina Kwon is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer.
Her work is mostly influenced by the hip-hop culture.
Other than her artworks on her website, Mina produces Drake T-Shirts as well as designing fresh and contemporary album covers.
Her illustrations often features characters and famous icons like Michael Jackson, P.Diddy, Snoop Dogg and The Simpsons.
Do visit her website to view more of her awesome pieces!

Mina Kwon

 As I am a fan of Michael Jackson, I really love her pieces with MJ!!
Especially this one here.
MJ x Mickey Mouse

 I mentioned earlier that Mina's artworks are also influenced by the hip hop culture.
Here are some examples!

Kpop fans would probably know who is the dude above.
Yeah he's Jay Park aka fresh prince of seoul!
Jay Park actually first started dancing in his b-boying crew, Art of Movement (AOM).
AOM was established in the year of 2002.
Jay Park and his 10 other crew mates (ChaCha, StepRoc, Junior, Dialtone, Hep Da Tightest, Phé La Roc, Chico, Neil, Gil, and Bowzer) have regularly competed and achieved awards at numerous
b-boying battles and showcases in South Korea as well as in the U.S. and Canada.

Check those kicks below!
Also designed by Mina Kwon.
Yet again, kpop fans would probably know whose kicks are those.
They are owned by G-dragon!
Mina Kwon designed the kicks for G-dragon's 'Get Your Crayon' MV.
Some other pieces which I am totally in love with.

Do visit her website for more awesomely wicked artpieces!


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