Ximending (西門町) (Taipei)

Ximending (西門町) is a must-visit neighbourhood shopping district while in Taipei!
This shopping district have been called the Shibuya or Harujuku of Taipei.

Fact: Ximending has more than 20 theaters and 6000 vendors. It is also a popular area for small concerts, album launches, and street performances.

This guy was rapping spontaneously about the things he sees around him!
Damn awesome!

AND we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of JJ Lin who was having a promo for his new album!
It was so cool when he had his entrance on a pretty white horse.

I'm sure all of you out there would be familiar with the term 'bubble tea'.
'Bubble tea' was actually originated from Taichung, Taiwan during the 1980s.
So Taiwan is the perfect place to have some authentic Bubble Teas!
There are many brands out there.
But when I was in Ximending, I love to buy from 2 particular shops, 'Ding Cha' (薡茶) and 'Come Buy'.
Look at the Chocolate Milk Tea with Ice Cream I got from Ding Cha!
It was the perfect weather in December to drink Ice Cream Milk Tea.
As the ice cream won't melt fast in the cold weather, you could feel it down your throat. Yums!

 At Come Buy, I really love their Milk Tea with Pudding!
There are many alleys in Ximending so make sure you walk at every single one of them!
There are so many corners with interesting shops to explore.

Awesome graffitti walls can be seen all around Ximending.

I really love this pretty shop 'Major Made'!
So many cute and pretty apparels, shoes and accessories.
'Major Made' can also be found on http://major-made.taobao.com/.
Bought these creepers from the Major Made shop in Ximending!
As you are strolling along Ximending, there are just too many street snacks to eat!
But a must-eat for me everytime I visit Ximending, is the BBQ MUAH CHEE!!
You might heard of Muah Chee, but barbequed Muah Chee is even more awesome!
If you don't know what is Muah Chee, it is actually a common Chinese street food.
The traditional Muah Chee is made of glutinous rice and coated with sugar and fine or crushed peanuts.
However, for this BBQ Muah Chee, there are a variety of flavours to choose from!
I remember Black Sesame, Concentrated Milk, Cheese, etc.
 Black Sesame flavour.
A little bitter but yummy!

 My favourite concenrated milk flavour!
Another must-try is this Spring Onion Pancake.
It is similar to the Indian cuisine, Roti Prata.
There are many vendors selling this Sping Onion Pancake around Ximending.
And you can choose your own fillings for the pancake!
There are ingredients like bacon ham, cheese, chicken, egg and many more.
The spicyness from the chilli makes the taste even more delicious.
Ximending is probably the reason why I gain weight everytime I visit Taipei.

For the non-mandarin speaking, some of the eating places do have menus with English translation.
But some of their spellings might be quite cute. Hehe.
'Hush Brown'. LOL.

Taiwanese sausages.

 If you're a dancer, or love to dance, there's a dance school right in Ximending!
IP Dance Skool.
There are many classes every evenings during the weekdays, and mornings til afternoon on weekends.
For more information, you can visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/IP-DANCE-SKOOL/263233599731

While I was there, I took so many classes!
This is Mega Chen, a teacher who does Locking, Waacking/Punking and Soul dance.

While I was in Taipei, I actually injured my thumb.
The washing machine door in our hostel was so stubborn to open.
I had to pry it open every day until I injured my thumb.
Yeah I injured my thumb because of a washing machine door. LOL.
It was hurting and swollen so bad.
Hence I got sent to the hospital by our dear Taiwanese friends.
The Taipei City Hospital (ZhongXing Branch) is right outside Ximending.
So it was quite convenient for us as our hostel was located nearby too!

I find it cool that we had to take our own blood pressure before visiting the doctor.
Our dear Taiwanese friend, Yaobai, looked so excited to help me take my blood pressure. Haha!

Got some acupuncture for my thumb.
Look at my bandaged thumb! Haha.

My receipt for the acupunture!
Only 540NTD!
Yeah the Taipei trip in December 2012 was quite an exciting one which ended up with my injured thumb.
It was painful but I had a great experience visiting the hospital. ^^


  1. I remember seeing Ding Cha and Comebuy in Singapore too!
    Dingcha @ FEP // Comebuy @ NEX

    1. Yap there's Ding Cha and Come Buy in Singapore!
      But somehow the Ding Cha here doesn't taste as good. >.<
      And I know there's Come Buy in Pomo at Dhoby Gaut and at Toa Payoh Interchange too! :D I love the puddding!

  2. nice photos! you make a good photographer!


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