Cat Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul

If you're in Hongdae and love the company of cats, you've got to visit the Cat's Attic cafe!!!
Just alight at Hongik University station and take Exit 9.
It would be just around 5 minutes walk away!
This cafe is pretty famous so you can just try to ask around for directions!
Koreans are friendly people! hehe.

You'll probably see this dirty-looking Garfield chilling near the entrance of the cafe. ^^

There are soooooo many cats there!
With purchase of any drinks which would cost you around 8000won, you can enter the cafe and play with these kitties!
You can also spend a small amount to get some cat food.
This would be a good idea as some of the cats would only come to you when you have a treat in your hands. Hehe.

When you enter the cafe, the staff would explain to you about the rules there.
One of the rules is that you can't disturb the cats when they are taking a nap!
Most of the cats will jump into the small wood houses above to sleep.

My Korean friend, Geunzi, bought us some cat treats.
And soon, all the cats started coming to us! Hehe.
I love the feeling of the cats nibbling and licking on your fingers! XD

*I want some yummy treats too*

*Pretty please~?*


This kitty was chilling here throughout the time I was there.

Looking like a princess. Hehe.
Time for some princess' beauty sleep! ((:
This is my favourite cat there!
Keep licking my fingers even though I wasn't holding on to any treats.
But it bit my fingers too. XD

Trying to pose with the kitty. >.<
Finger licking good. :D

This one here was hanging out on the racks attached to the ceiling.
Can see it's cute little paws from below! ^^
It's an odd-eye cat! (Different coloured eyes)
Taking a nap right infront of the cashier. XD

 This kitty really reminds me of Puss In Boots!!!
*melts!* <3

 Can you spot Puss In Boots? Hehehe.
Too cute!
This is probably the best place I visited during my Korea trip!
You can visit their official website.
But it's in Korean. XD
But there are many cute kitty photos too!
And there are also other branches around Seoul.


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