Orange Guesthouse (Seoul, Hongdae)

Annyeong haseyo~!
I just got back from Seoul a week ago.
Been too busy so I haven't had the time to post about my trip!
For the next few posts, it will all be dedicated to my experience in South Korea~ :D
First of all, I would like to introduce you to the awesome guesthouse I stayed during my 7 days there!

Orange Guesthouse

(Click on the link to visit their website!)
The exterior of the guesthouse says it all.
It gives off a very homely feel!
The best thing is that it is so near to the shopping area in Hongdae.
When you walk out to the main road, just turn right and continue walking and you will reach Hongik Uni. station.
There's too much to shop there. XD
If you're looking for the guesthouse while walking along the main road, look for the Hyundai car dealer shop. Orange Guesthouse will just be a little further in.

For dancers who visit to take classes, right infront of the guesthouse (only a few steps away), is Trip Studio.

 And if you turn left at the main road, you can have a 5 minute walk to Level 6 studio!!!
Just walk until you see a cafe called Angel-In-Us Coffee and walk down that lane.

I really love the surroundings of Orange Guesthouse.
Check out the cute walls they have!

This is just at the side of the entrance where you can chill out!
 Cute mailbox they have! :D

When you enter Orange Guesthouse, this will be the first thing you see.
The common room where they serve free breakfast (toasts, cereal, eggs, milk, etc) every morning between 8-11am.
Throughout the day, you can see other guests just chilling or doing their work in the common room.
There's also 2 computers which you can use for free.
And also a big television you can enjoy!

This is the kitchen where you can cook for your own!
Utensils and all are provided, as long as you do your own cleaning after that. (:
I didn't cook at all during my stay though.
Because I want to try all the different cafes around the guesthouse.
Will get to that later. :D
You can do your own laundry for free too!
There's space to hang your clean laundry at the 3rd floor.
Yeah this is the 3rd floor balcony where you can chill.
The space for hanging laundry is just at the other corner.
I realised I forgot to take a picture of my room!
Haha. Can only see a part of it from this picture.
I was staying in a 6-person room.
Quite spacious.
Or maybe because most of the time it was only me and my other room mate. HAHA!
For more pictures of the rooms, you can visit their website and also their facebook page at .
I have to also mention that the owner of the guesthouse is super duper nice and friendly!
He speaks a little English so there wasn't much difficulty communicating.
He even lend me a phone to use during my stay!
The phone really helped me as I was depending on wifi to contact my Korean friends. Hehe.

 There are a few cafes around the guesthouse which you can explore.
One of them which I visited is Mellow Baking Cafe which is right opposite the guesthouse!

Behind this glass, you can actually see the owner in action!
It's where the kitchen is at. :D

As I wanted to have just a light breakfast (to save my tummy for lunch), I had some cheesecake and a hazelnut frappucino!
The cheesecake wasn't the best I've tasted but it was alright!
Other than this cafe, there's another one right beside Orange Guesthouse.
I didn't manage to take any photos but I ate there on the 1st and last day!
I really loved their Smoked salmon sandwich!!!!!! Yums!
So if you're looking for a guesthouse in Hongdae area, I would definitely recommend you to Orange Guesthouse.
It's safe, convenient, accessible and affordable! :D

More posts about Seoul coming soon~! ((:


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