Ah Meow Cat Store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

In December last year, I went to Hong Kong for a short trip and as usual, I've got to visit a cat café there!
I did some research and found one at Causeway Bay area.
I've gotten their namecard and member card as souveniors!
Here's the address of the café:
3D, Po Ming Building, 2 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay
My friends and I got a table right next to this noticeboard filled with kitty drawings from previous customers.
Many of them are so cute and nicely drawn!

We found a notepad and my brother decided to give a try as well.
And I have to mention that he is a very good designer and have his own streetwear brand.
The cat on the left was what he drew!!
The other cats on the right were drawn by me and my friend. HEHE.

The salmon pizza and hot chocolate I got for myself.
The food was generally average.
But I guess it's a good place to chill with your friends and watch the kitties run around you.


The hot chocolate with the decorated marshmellows are very cute though!


This has got to be the cutest kitty of the day. :D

Okay, so generally, this café would be a good place to chill in between your shopping in Causeway Bay.
The food is just alright and there weren't as many cats as I thought there would be.
But you still should try to drop by if you around the area! (:



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