Lock City Singapore Qualifiers

So recently Lock City Singapore Qualifiers was held at *Scape treetop studio.
The winner of the qualifiers will represent Singapore in the Lock City Finals, to be held in Kaohsiung (TW) this end November. 
I was practising very hard for it over the couple of months. Did my very best and I had NO RAGRATS! (quoted from the movie, The Millers)
Managed to battle my way to the semifinals (Top 4). 
Among all my rounds that day, I felt that I did the best during my Top 8 with Shanice.
Shanice is my crew mate from StandPoint Mafia. And so is Brennan (battled him at Top 16) and KK (battled him at Semifinals). 
I guess it's not surprising in Singapore when you have to keep battling your own crew mates in a single event. Haha! The scene is still so small and growing. 

Congratulations to KK again for clinching the 1st place, representing Singapore this November!
As for me, I'm crossing my fingers that my leave will be approved so that I can go to Hong Kong for What Da Funk during the same month. > . < I want to go Disneyland!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Little Kay Cee and all Singapore street lockers!

    Could you please help me identify these 2 songs from the Lock City Singapore 2014 event of you VS KK? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbP3vpUDOmo

    Thank you so much. You are incredible and I love this dance style!



    1. Hi Todd!

      Thank you for finding this page and dropping a comment.
      The songs on that day were all played by DJ pSyk. The first song, is an original by our local funk band 'Fungkimunkees'. I'm not so sure about the title though. But you can try searching them on youtube and facebook. As for the second song, I hear it quite often in our battles here but still don't know the title!

      Sorry for the lack of information. Do come visit us one day!


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